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Wood sculptures – a timeless art

In Bardonecchia, like many other villages of the Upper Valle Susa, woodwork and stonework are both very much part of the mountain tradition dating back to the past. For centuries people have worked with great skill using these two materials, and in particular, wood, and nowadays many of these artworks are on display in churches, monuments and buildings.

The art of wood sculpting dates back to the famous School of Melezet in Bardonecchia and in 1981, for the first time in Italy, a wood sculpting competition was held.


The competition has evolved into an international event called “Sculpture in the Alps”  and takes place every July with sculptors coming from all over the world.

Not to be missed

Permanent Exhibition of Wood Sculptures – The Canal Walk. For the last few years there has been a permanent exhibition of Wood Sculptures along the Canal Walk which have been sculpted over several years at the annual Symposium. After each Symposium several works are chosen to remain as part of the permanent exhibition and so each year there are new exhibits to be seen.




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