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Mountaineering and freeriding

Mountaineering is the jewel in the crown of mountain activities, and is the one discipline that encompasses all of the others and transports them to glaciers and the mountain peaks. Mountaineering isn’t just about technical ability but about knowing the mountain like the back of your hand, being able to pick up on the slightest signals to predict how the weather might change, the ability to move from rock to rock without dislodging a stone or to move across difficult terrain with crampons… in brief a good mountaineer needs to feel totally at home on the mountain.

In the splendid setting of Bardonecchia alpine guides can add an extra dimension of safety if you book them for your excursion whether it’s to go mountaineering, ski mountaineering, freeriding or snowshoeing.





Freeride Experience

Sports association

Freeride Experience (club, camp and freeride trip) ski and snowboard teacher, alpine guide, nature guide.Viale Cappuccio 3
tel.: +39 338 1235833
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Guide Alpine

Sports association

Chalet delle Guide
Via Medail
tel.: +39 0122 96060
fax: +39 0122 96060
website | email

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