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Cross Country Skiing

The cross country ski runs are situated in the beautiful setting of the Pian del Colle and Valle Stretta.

At the recently opened "Centro di Fondo" (Cross Country Skiing Centre) at Pian del Colle there’s a bar, ski hire and lessons held by the instructors of the ski schools.

4 trails at Pian del Colle 1390m 1510m
Green trail: 1 km, easy
Blue trail: 2 km, easy
Red trail: 3.5 km, medium
Black trail: 5 km, difficult

Trail at Valle Stretta: 1390m 1780m
Trail: 10 km, medium
The mountain refuge, Re Magi, can be reached from Pian del Colle, by skiing through an area known as  "la Parete dei Militi" (the Soldiers' Wall) and past the refuge, Terzo Alpini.  This is an area of outstanding beauty and, in particular, the area of la Parete dei Militi has echoes of the landscape of the Dolomites.  Sometimes the cross-country runs leading to the Re Magi are closed due to avalanche risk. 

For information: Centro Fondo Assomont

Trail at Decauville 2000m
This cross country run is at an altitude of 2000 metres and is entirely on the flat. It can be reached via the Jafferau gondola and is open until April.

For information: Colomion Skipass Office


Centro di Fondo Assomont

Pian del Colle
Sports association

tel.: +39 0122 907812
mob.: +39 335 66 312 50

Ufficio Skipass Colomion


Piazza Europa, 15
10052 Bardonecchia
tel.: +39 0122 99137
fax: +39 0122 902266

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