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Bardonecchia, host of the Turin Winter Olympics 2006 snowboarding competitions, continues to welcome all snowboarders who are attracted by the extensive facilities of the resort : Bardonecchia has become an internationally renowned snowboard resort. From the Olympic halfpipe to the innovative terrainpark, from the extensive network of pistes to the off-piste and free riding opportunities there is certainly something for everyone.
There are a wide range of runs for all rider levels and preferences in our resort. Those who are trying snowboarding for the  first time, as well as the most experienced snowboarders will find whatever they‘re looking for! In addition a number of international champions, national instructors and trainers work for the schools in Bardonecchia and are on hand to help those who want to try snowboarding for the first time or for riders who want to perfect their style and technique.
The relatively new sport of snowboarding came from the USA about 30 years ago. It’s not just a passing phase and riders are passionate about their individual style for getting down the mountain. Bardonecchia has already produced champions in this relatively new discipline and developed a great culture for the sport: the resort has hosted the European Cup trials and World Cup trials as well as European Cup and World Cup competitions and of course the Olympic competitions in slalom, halfpipe and boarder-cross. The resort has also held many other important events in the national and international sporting calendar.
In the Colomion area of Bardonecchia snowboarding is mainly in the trees and the view from the top of Colomion (2100 metres) is spectacular.

In the Jafferau area snowboarding is mainly at a high altitude (the highest point is 2807 metres). The scenery is breath-taking and there are many off-piste opportunities that are ideal in the spring too.
For further information or to organize guided tours for complete safety you can contact the various ski & snowboard schools or the Alpine guides who are operating in our area.


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