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Bardonecchia Snowpark

Bardonecchia Snowpark is located in the Melezet Area and has hi-speed quad chairlift. The park has a vertical drop of 1100 metres and has a number of different zones including one for jumps and jib features and another area which is home to the Olympic Halfpipe. All the freestyle zones are surrounded by trees similar to traditional North American terrain parks.

The park is divided into 5 different zones based on the difficulty of features and jumps. They are all named after animals and each have an easily recognizable symbol such as the eagle, the bear and the lynx.
The hard working Bardonecchia Snowpark crew ensures that freestyle lovers have a well maintained space to enjoy their sport in Bardonecchia.


-    3.5 km of tracks dedicated to freestyle
-    5 snowpark areas
-    80 rails and jib features
 -    20 jumps of various difficulties
 -    1 half-pipe
 -    A chill-out area






Bardonecchia Snowpark, “The JibBig Park”, is divided in 5 areas:

The original area of Bardonecchia Snowpark, with kicker lines and lots of rails and boxes for all levels, with the half-pipe which hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin at the bottom.

The Grizzly Park is the brand new area dedicated to Jibbing opened for the 2012/13 winter season: a slope with of a wide range of different jib features that are fun for all riders, from beginners to professionals.

Bardonecchia Snowpark goes higher, towards a new dimension: an area located at an altitude of more than 1,850 metres with lots of fun features, which make the Lynx Park the boss of the snow parks.

An area with features made of wood, perfectly fitting in with the natural landscape for “green-jibbing”.

The easiest area of Bardonecchia Snowpark, with features especially made for those who want to learn freestyle or practise new tricks for the first time.

Bardonecchia Snowpark won the “Best Jib Lines” award at the 2012 Modena Skipass - Snowpark Awards 2012! ! !

The quality and variety of the rails and boxes available along with the innovative snowpark designs makes this park one of the most creative and progressive parks in Italy. The park is designed and built by Doors Snowpark Structures, who are industry leaders at snowpark design, and has a new Woodpark (all features made from wood) and Skate-Style Jib areas for riders to push the progression of the sport.

The Olympic Half-Pipe is a massive structure, 130 metres long, 18 metres wide and 6 metres high, it stands out on the slopes and shows the best of what Bardonecchia has to offer.
The chill-out areas are located around the lodges at the bottom of the half pipe and are open every day. They offer a place to relax and watch videos, a video-games area, helmet rental, après ski-parties and lots more. There are also 2 bars, a freestyle snowboard school and a rental shop for boards and freestyle skis at the foot of the halfpipe.

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