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100 Years of Skiing

The resort of Bardonecchia has a long and unique history of  winter sports stretching back to the first few years of the 20th century  when the first skiers realized that the mountains of Bardonecchia were ideal for the new sport. In 1909 the first Italian skiing championships were held here and the big ski jump “Smith” was built  and named after the two Norwegian brothers, Harald and Trigwe Smith, who set a new world record with their jumps of  43 and 40 metres respectively!

In 1935 the first ski lift was built, known as the Colomion “slittovia”- a kind of sledge lift where skiers sat as they were transported up the mountain - and the newspapers of the day wrote regularly about the “skiing competitions” and “snow days” in the resort.

Nowadays the resort has  100 km of prepared runs and  35 of them are equipped with snow cannons.  There are 21 ski lifts that can carry 30,000 people per hour up to the slopes with their numerous bars and restaurants. There’s a range of ski hire shops, 4 ski schools, free parking, first aid facilities, a railway station and a covered swimming pool

In recent years Bardonecchia has hosted and keeps hosting a whole range of high profile sporting events including the 2006 Winter Olympics of Torino, the Universiadi 2007, World Cup snowboard competitions and FIS Carving cup competitions. It has also been the training ground for national athletes of the Italian, Spanish and American teams and for the athletes of Rossignol.


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