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On saturday 16th March 2013, Bardonecchia will host an event unique in the world, the RedBull Free Descent Competition.

A few doors and a few rules for a great moment of fun! The participants start running, grab their skis and then rush full-speed to the valley. No need to be a skiing champion or to have an excellent technique to participate!
The Redbull Free Descent starts with all the participants running 50m wearing their ski boots until the first door that indicates the real departure point. They then put their skis while running and go downhill as fast as they can, following the track drawn. The goal of the race is simple: the first participant reaching the finish line wins. This event is an entertaining way of combining Alpine Skiing with competitions of “inferno” type, often organised in motor and Mountain Bike events, where participants start the race running in pelotons.

The competition will take place in the splendid slope going from Sellette to Melezet.

Register on or directly at the place of the event at the Redbull information point.
 Protections reclaim from 10 a.m at the Redbull information point located at the arrival of the Melezet-Chesal ski lift, by the Chesal 1805 restaurant!


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